Sharp-Dressed Lady

Sharp-Dressed Lady

You may have noticed the recent influx of outfit posts on Instagram lately and wondered what the heck I was doing showcasing my mostly Target-based wardrobe to the world. Sure, fashion blogs are all over the internet, but Mancktastic has never been one of them. It all started about a week ago when I was walking Bueller before work one day.

While traipsing along with my general casual work attire, we ran across our new downstairs neighbor walking her cute Boston terrier, Grace. Oh what a dissimilar picture we were; she was the picture-perfect Pinterest girl with her patent nude heels, tailored trousers and colorblocked sweater and I had on a hair-covered fleece jacket, baggy jeans, and a nice-ish shirt with a messy ponytail.

Sure, she works as a business development manager for a fancy firm and my company has a really casual dress policy, but something about the contrast between we two professionals of comparable age and education galvanized within me and forced me to reexamine how I was presenting myself. The puggle and I went right back up the stairs and I made a few small changes to my outfit to make it a bit more fashionable.

Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.13.46 PM

It turned out to be a great idea that I niced up a little bit since it turned out that I had a whole-day meeting no one had warned me about, and my semi-fancy outfit gave me a boost of confidence and professionality. So, I decided to continue this as the week went on, sharing my outfits on Instagram as I went along.

Monday: Casual outfit since we had a game that night. Gotta rep the green for SJ!
Screen Shot 2013-03-29 at 12.13.24 PM
Tuesday: Cute new shirt from Target along with older pieces from the closet. (I’m buying more of this shirt this weekend; I adore it!)
Wednesday: Another green outfit for SJ!
Wednesday: Another green outfit for an SJ game!
Thursday: Monochrome outfit for feeling fancy on my birthday
Thursday: Monochrome outfit for feeling fancy on my birthday
Friday: Purple shirt is back for a casual Friday with cute sandals.
Friday: Purple shirt is back for a casual Friday with cute sandals.

End result? With just a few little formal changes in my outfit choice, I really felt more put together and professional even on the casual days. Keeping myself accountable (and encouraged by) Instagram was especially helpful.  Now that I’m 26, I guess it’s a good idea to look like an adult, especially a (semi-)fashionable one 😉

Source List:
Original: Cardigan, top, belt and flats – Target, Skirt – tailored in China
Monday: Scarf, cardigan, jeans, and boots – Target, Top – Macy’s
Tuesday: Cardigan and top – Target, Chinos – JCPenney’s (when I was in high school), Flats – Dillard’s (when I was in college)
Wednesday: Collared shirt – tailored in China, green shirt and jeans – Old Navy, belt, cardigan and shoes – Target
Thursday: Pearls – gift from my parents, top – Old Navy, cardigan, belt and flats – Target, skirt – Coldwater Creek (stolen from my parents)
Friday: Cardigan, shirt and jeans – Target, sandals – Wal-Mart


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