Sharp-Dressed Lady, Week 4

Sharp-Dressed Lady, Week 4

Lessons learned in this, the 4th(!) week of being sharp-dressed:

  • Having nicely done hair helps me feel just as put together as a well-chosen outfit! Plus, the husband loves curly hair : )
  • Apparently this was blue, black and green week for me. I think it’s a nice color palette for me, so I think I’ll continue to get clothes in that avenue.
  • Almost any top, no matter how awkward, can be saved with a cardigan!
Monday: Tried out my new, super-fast curlers for fancy hair, plus new Target top!
Yay hooray, it's game day! And I am still so in love with these curlers... #ootd
Tuesday: Green outfit for our second-to-last game day of the year, plus fancy hair again
This #ootd comes with a free Bueller honor guard ;) Everything but shoes from Target, giving my hair a recovery day from the curlers.
Wednesday: Comfy new pants, plus a try at bright with navy and a free Bueller honor guard
I'll be rocking this dress with galoshes later when it starts pouring! #ootd #thecurlersareback
Thursday: The dress I wore to my college graduation, plus leggings (and later galoshes) for when it got chilly later.
Last game day outfit of the year :/ I hate the end of lacrosse season, but gosh do we need some rest!
Friday: Our last lacrosse game of the year means time for yet one more green shirt with my boots!

Source List (only items not mentioned before are linked):

Monday: Top, cardigan and shoes – Target, Slacks – Old Navy
Tuesday: Cardigan, jeans, boots – Target, Shirt – Old Navy
Wednesday: Cardigan, shirt, tanktop, capris – Target, Shoes – Dillards
Thursday: Dress – JCPenney’s, Cardigan, leggings, and shoes – Target
Friday: Green shirt – old shirt I cut up, Buttonup – China, Jeans and boots – Target


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