That’s Mancktastic! – Randomsauce edition

That’s Mancktastic! – Randomsauce edition

Hi all! I hope you’re having a very nice Saturday. Down here in Houston, it’s a beautiful, sunny day, so we’re enjoying open windows and nowhere to go : )

I’ll be back tomorrow with the 4th Sharp-Dressed Lady, but for today I thought’d I share some Mancktastic things I’ve enjoyed this week!

These new super-fast, fancy curlers from Remington haven’t added much time to my morning routine, but have definitely brightened my days. They heat up in just 2 minutes and set a curl in 5 minutes, even in my thick hair! I’ve really enjoyed having nice hair this week; for such a minimal effort, they really are great results especially for such an inexpensive product. Highly recommended!

Even Bender the card box is impressed with the hair today!

I’ve always loved the music of Nickel Creek, but I didn’t realize til this week that Chris Thile, mandolin player of the now-defunct band, was the recipient of a MacArthur Genius grant! He’s an amazingly talented mandolin player, as well as singer, who’s been involved in many musical projects, including Punch Brothers. This week I couldn’t stop listening to “This Girl” by this group!

For months, I’ve lusted after this simple bangle from Kate Spade:

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 3.35.54 PM

I’d promised it to myself if I got the work opportunity I talked about a while back, but I gave up on the bracelet when the work thing didn’t work out. Well, I found it for a bargain on Ebay, so I went ahead and splurged on it for myself this week.

I love the green and gold (SJ’s color is green and my wedding ring is gold), plus the lightly optimistic engraving on the interior.

In weird synchronisity, I just found out I might have a chance to help out more around school the upcoming year since we have a coach shortage! (Boo shortage, yay for getting to help)

Now, don’t think I’m a boozehound, but I’ve found my most favorite drink! One of my birthday gifts from my parents was the most delicious bourbon cream liqueur from a distillery in Butte, MT: Orphan Girl.


It’s creamy, not too alcoholic tasting, and absolutely perfect enjoyed slowly, on the rocks, with a nice book : )

Bourbon cream on ice and lotsa books :)

And that’s this random Saturday’s edition of That’s Mancktastic! Hope you enjoy some of these as well : )


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