Simple and Quick: Turkey Pizzadillas

Simple and Quick: Turkey Pizzadillas

I went into making last night’s dinner with wraps as the plan; delicious wraps filled with melty cheese, toasty pepperoni and lean, filling deli turkey. I hit a wall when I realized the tortillas I’d gotten on sale (score!) were way too tiny to fold, bummer! Bill and I were in a hurry so he could make it up to school for Parent-Teacher conferences, so I needed to make do with what I had. Thus, the Turkey Pizzadilla was born!


As I reflect on it now, Turkey Pizzadilla sounds a bit like some sort of rare endangered animal doesn’t it? I’d make up a fake Latin name for it now, but that gives my classics scholar husband migraines 😉

The hybrid of pizza, sandwich and quesadilla, Turkey Pizzadillas are a quick and simple dinner that kids especially will love! Simply heat a grill pan or griddle to medium, slap down a tortilla, top with your pizza sauce, thin-sliced turkey, cheese and toppings of choice, slap another tortilla on top and voila: Turkey Pizzadilla!

We used teeny-tiny pepperoni and mozzarella on ours last night, but you could also use an Italian mix cheese, Canadian bacon, or whatever pizzalicious toppings your heart desires.




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