Sharp Dressed Lady, Week 5

Sharp Dressed Lady, Week 5


Hi folks! It’s time again for Sharp Dressed Lady, my weekly fashion accountability check.

I may work in a super-casual workplace, but looking a little nice makes me feel more professional, positive and productive; this weekly feature is design to keep me motivated and accountable to keep it up!

There’s no outfit photo for Monday because I took the day off work with the husband to get time-sensitive errands run and have a little break at the end of the lacrosse season. I figured spending time relaxing with Bill was a bit more important than a fashion photo.  Instead, enjoy this photo of our snuggly puggle!


Tuesday: cute (but not super comfy) peep toe flats from Target many moons ago, my favorite ankle slacks from Old Navy, the shirt I wore on Bill and I’s first date, and the wonderful long-ish cardigans from Target.

Wearing black always makes me feel like I look a little sharp, in a put-together sense.

Wednesday: the return of my new Target shirt from last week, the same cardigan again, khakis from JCPenney I’ve had since I was 14, and shiny black flats.

This outfit is not necessarily weight-flattering, but it was comfy and I like the color combo. Not pictured: hair in a bun, accented with fancy barrette!

Thursday: It’s my favorite dress! I grabbed this off the Target clearance rack ages ago, and I adore it. It goes with navy, teal-green, cognac and lime, so I can wear it in a billion combinations. It was a bit chilly, so I wore my boots to keep my tootsies warm, along with the matching belt and my wedding cardigan.

My curler-based-curls aren’t super-defined here because my hair was still damp from a shower the night before. Dry hair works much better!

Casual Fribsday: (that’s a Better Off Ted joke, did you get it? If not, hie thee to Netflix!) Dark jeans and simple B&W stripe tee from Old Navy, purple cardigan from Target and Wal-Mart sandals.

Much nicer than flip flops and a t-shirt, with no extra effort! Successful curls when I start with dry hair, too.

And that was Week 5! Did you like any of the outfits in particular? I really liked the cobalt, white/khaki and black combo on Wednesday; something about the contrast and richness of color is really nice to me.

I’m cupcake-catering a wedding shower tomorrow, then Bill and I are grabbing my late-delivered birthday presents and cleaning the house. Sunday, we’re going to the museum with my folks to use our membership for the first time; hooray!

Do you have any big or exciting plans for the next couple days? Have a great weekend!


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