Sharp Dressed Lady, Week 6

Sharp Dressed Lady, Week 6

Hi folks! It’s time again for Sharp Dressed Lady, my weekly fashion accountability check.

I may work in a super-casual workplace, but looking a little nice makes me feel more professional, positive and productive; this weekly feature is design to keep me motivated and accountable to keep it up!

Monday: I don’t think this was a super-successful outfit. Something about the proportions didn’t quite work for me even though I like all of the individual pieces…

Love this cardigan and top, but maybe the shorter pants didn’t work with it?

Tuesday: This was a better use of color and proportions, I think. There’s sort of an animal print pattern on this top that goes with my super-shiny Dorothy shoes!

True story: these are Wal-Mart shoes and I get compliments on them every time I wear them!

Wednesday: I woke up with a backache, so I went with blue jeans because the little casualness makes me feel better somehow. I know this is a simple outfit, but I love it.

I would wear some variation of this every day if I could!

Thursday: Bill told the guys at work that I never knew what to wear since I retire my green shirts after the lacrosse season, so I got nostalgic for my favorite game day shirt from Macy’s. I also got some new pairs of my favorite Old Navy slacks, so I wore the grey pair here.

Oh how I miss you, SJ Lacrosse!

Friday: It suddenly got chilly in Houston, so I went back to my winter wear: corduroy blazer and boots! I paired it with a cute shirt (that you can’t really see here) from Ann Taylor Loft outlet and a LS white shirt for added warmth.

I got this blazer at Half of Half, a discount store in Springfield, when I was in college for like $6. Amazing!

Here’s a bonus picture of the fancy headband braid I managed for Friday; it’s pretty neat!


So, that was Week 6!

Monday was a weird start, to me, but it definitely picked up there at the end. I’m especially happy with Wednesday’s outfit and Friday’s hair. What did you think?


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