Busy Bear

Busy Bear

Hello folks; sorry it’s been radio silence here at Mancktastic! August has colluded into complete busy-ness for the ManckWhites, so I’ve been focused on keeping us on schedule and non-crazy which means le blog has suffered… Unfortunately it looks like this condition may continue until the end of the month or so.  It’s kind of hunker-down-and-work time, so time that would otherwise be focused on creating blog material is either filled with necessary activity or being spent on down/couple time. Between Bill’s school year starting, some spec work I’ve been doing, some of our best friends moving (boo!) and pre-wedding festivities for other friends, we’re just swamped! I’ll try to pop in with life updates and some pictures every now and then, but it’s likely to be sporadic. Just a few quick notes before my nose is back to the grindstone:

1. Happy, happy birthday to my wonderful husband! For the first time in many years, Bill’s birthday didn’t coincide with the first day of school, so he got to have a low-key 30th birthday-day at home with the puggle, taking a break from school prep for just a bit. We enjoyed a Gruyere twist on Manckwhite Mac & Cheese for dinner; we couldn’t enjoy traditional birthday fondue since The Melting Pot was all booked up. Tomorrow, we’re having a dinner-and-poker night with Bill’s best friend Zach and his girlfriend Robin in celebration, with Brie fondue on Sunday night as a last-night-before-school/birthday treat 🙂

2. The school year is here! My thoughts and prayers are with all teachers and their support systems as we get back into the swing of things. As I left for work this morning, I rejoiced that this would be the last morning (until winter) Bill would get to sleep in while I trudged off to the graphic design mines! After a whole summer of leisure, he’s back into the working world with me, but then I remembered that means no more Bill at home to run random errands and hang out with the puggle. The school year means late nights of grading, random long days of parent-teacher conferences, and the wear and tear of the daily grind are all back on our plates. So, fellow spouses and loved ones of teachers, enjoy your equal working status again, but remember that our hard-working folks are back to the difficult mission of educating the future with all the joys and lows that can bring.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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