The Return of the SDL

The Return of the SDL

Hello friends and children! (That’s right, students, Mr. White told me some of you may be reading this now.)

Lucky (or not) for all of you, his reminder put the fire under my tookus to actually do an update. I don’t have any recipes to share right now, but hopefully I will get to it soon! Until then, it’s the return of #sharpdressedlady – my attempt to keep myself accountable for dressing like a semi-fashionable adult for work. You’ll find some of my recent favorites below!

If you made it through the outfits, and found them acceptable, may I suggest StitchFix? It’s a monthly service that basically sends really cute clothes to your house, based on a crazy detailed style profile you create that even links to your fashion board on Pinterest (if you have one).

For $20, you get a box with 5 pieces of clothing that your stylist thinks will fit your style. Anything you keep, the $20 is applied to, and everything else gets returned in a pre-paid envelope – if you choose to keep nothing, they keep the $20 (but you didn’t have to go to the mall). When you check out online, you let the stylist know what you liked and disliked about each piece so they can customize your next picks even more! I have to tell you, it’s freaking awesome.

It took a few boxes for them to hone in on my style, but I kept everything in my last box. I’ve been impressed with the quality and suggestions they have, and it sure beats the mall when you’re busy 🙂 You set your price range so you’re not getting crazy prices. At the cheapest setting, it’s usually about $40 for a dress or blouse.

Anywho, check them out! (Full discloser, by using this link (or the link above), I get a little discount on my next box.)

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