Is it just me or have the past few weeks been so loooooong? Maybe it’s the end of school approaching, maybe it’s the lull in between events at work, but I think May has just been dragging.

I’ve been trying to use this lightening in scheduling and activities to form some good habits – like tracking my daily calories and water intake, and doing a pilates video every day. It’s also spurred Bill and I on to deep clean the apartment for the first time in months, and do some reorganization and redecoration that was sorely needed for function and comfort.

(sidenote: we’re getting a second-hand Crate and Barrel sectional for literally pennies on the dollar. dreams really do come true!)

Unfortunately, dragginess leads to Emily not making good dietary or activity decisions as evidenced by yesterday’s stop at Taco Bell, no video since Thursday, too much dinner, plus pudding and wine for dessert. Not to mention that I realized that I drank NO water yesterday… at all. Unacceptable!

So, today I am making this blog my accountabilibuddy (my buddy to whom I am accountable)! I hereby promise that I will drink at least 64 oz of water, exercise BEFORE I go home, and stay under my calorie count for the day. And then do some housework at home before I get sucked back into playing Diablo III. Because that is the kind of nerd I am.

I will report back tomorrow with results!


2 thoughts on “Accountabilibuddy

  1. Buy canned lime or lemon seltzer. No calories and fun drinking “water” from a can …. you can get seltzer in Texas, non?

    1. We get some seltzer, but nothing of Polar quality. It’s not that I don’t like water – it was just such a busy day that I never got the chance to sit and drink plain ‘ol water. I’ve noticed that, if I start my day with a cup of hot tea, I’m less likely to switch to water as the day goes on – so I’m on reduced tea consumption now 😉

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