Accountabilibuddy = (mostly) Success!

Accountabilibuddy = (mostly) Success!

Well folks, it worked (for the most part)!

Exercise: 30 minutes of bicycling – 98 calories burned I had a break in between meetings on different sides of town, so I stopped by our apartment complex and knocked out 30 minutes of intervals on the bicycle while I read some Game of Thrones. Well, except during theย hills – it’s a little hard for me to read when the resistance gets really cranked up. Of course, 30 minutes only burned about 100 calories, but it was something!

Nutrition: 306 calories over my caloric goal Welp, I went over my calorie count because I couldn’t control myself around some chocolate pudding I’d made the other day, but I didn’t go CRAZY over. More than I would have liked, sure, but I’m not beating myself up too badly about it.

Nutrition Log
My nutrition log for the day – did pretty well for lunch with the sushi and apples, but Bill ordered Chinese for dinner, and then that dang pudding!!

Hydration: 117 ounces of water, no other liquids I did it!! I more than did it! Of course, I was never fighting against a love of water, just against my forgetting to drink my water. Yesterday, I used my big purple 32oz water bottle at home and while exercising to make sure I was drinking up!

photo 1

Tonight, I have a work event to attend at a PR firm, which means wine, hors d’oeuvres and no chance to exercise :/ I did just find out that the ‘gym’ at my office has a bicycle too, so I can use that in the future to squeeze in a lunchtime workout. So far, I’ve been staying on track for my hydration and caloric goal for the day, and maybe I’ll catch up on my Balanced Life pilates videos tonight when I get home.

Tomorrow, my work friend Helen is teaching a Pilates class at lunch, so I’m really looking forward to that. She’s a great instructor and it should be great!

Thanks for being my Accountabilibuddy, blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


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