That’s Mancktastic! – Albany/New York edition

That’s Mancktastic! – Albany/New York edition

Earlier this summer, Bill and I took our annual summer vacation up to see his folks in Albany, NY. I took a week and a day off work so we could take our time and road trip up and back again, stopping at my parents’ house to grab the truck and see my Grammy.

We prefer this “slow” method of travelling, instead of flying, because it means Bueller can come with us, we can take up/bring back large items, and we can set our own schedule. It takes 2 days of driving to get to Albany, with a stop in Knoxville, then we stay in Albany for 4-5 days, then the 2 day drive back. If you aren’t a road trip person, I know this sounds like torture, but Bill and I just soak it up. Puggle on my lap, podcasts on the radio, perfect.

The time always goes by way too fast as we basically do nothing in Bill’s hometown. There’s a lot of walking to the coffee shop, random trips to the grocery store, playing computer games, reading, and having delicious food with the in-laws. It’s perfect! No real plans, no schedule to keep, and a nice changes from the disgusting heat that envelops Houston.

So, I’d share some of my Albany favorites with y’all! It’s a great place to visit, especially when you have in-laws there to spoil you 😉


OMG WE'RE AT PERFECT BLEND! This is the best :) #vacationneccesity #vermoster #albany
OMG WE’RE AT PERFECT BLEND! This is the best 🙂

There is this AMAZING coffee shop/cafe right down the street from Bill’s parents’ place: Perfect Blend. We walk there every day for breakfast, and usually for lunch, to have delicious beverages and delightful food. I am a huge fan of their Frozen Chai, while Bill loves their mochas, of course.

Breakfast is always a toss up between pastries, the Vermonster ( Two Eggs, Bacon, Cheddar & Vermont Maple Syrup on a Cheddar Biscuit), and the Morning Rush (Two Eggs, Sharp Cheddar, Apple Slices & Bacon on Multi-Grain Bread)

Then, for lunch, they have great sandwiches and fantastic salads, also to be enjoyed with a coffee or fruit smoothie.

Perfect Blend is also where I discovered the wonder of Harney & Sons tea, and where a toddler hugged Bill this year. Both were AMAZING 😉

See that awesome shirt Bill is wearing at Perfect Blend? It’s amazing! I don’t remember how he stumbled across it on the internet, but we bought one from TeeFury and the minute it came in, he had to put it on. And then wear it throughout New York to show where his loyalties lie 🙂

It may be a little pricy at $22, but it’s great!

Oh Polar waters, I've missed you so!
Sugar-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free nectar of the Northern gods!

Perhaps you’ve heard me sing the praises of Polar Water before, but let me do so again. I LOVE IT!

Seltzer is like a thing on the East coast in a way it certainly isn’t down here in Texas. Growing up, I actually hated fizzy water – it made my tongue taste weird. But, my palate has aged, I suppose, and now I love seltzer water. Polar is my absolute favorite – they have wonderful flavors, aren’t sweet, and are just perfectly refreshing.

Each year, Bill and I bring back a huge box full of seltzer for me and birch beer for him, but it’s just never enough. HEB’s seltzer keeps me hydrated until I head northward again, but it’s just not the same…




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