Sharp-Dressed Lady: August in Review

Sharp-Dressed Lady: August in Review

My first back-to-work outfit after vacation. Those wedges always make me feel confident!

The first day back after vacation, I try to go the extra mile when I’m getting ready so I really get back into work mode. So, with curled hair and wedges that make me look tall and skinny, I was ready to go after our wonderful 2-week getaway to the Northeast.

Cardigan and shoes: Target; Pants: Ann Taylor

Who doesn't love a comfy, silky top that's covered in cheerful birds? Bonus points: it was less than $10 on clearance!

While I was initially worried about how the bright mint-ish color of the cardigan would go with this bright and busy top, I was really happy about how the colors worked together in the final outfit!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet, Skirt: Macy’s, Cardigan and belt: Target, Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

What can I say? Navy, mustard and cognac just feel right together for me.

For years I didn’t wear yellow because my mom didn’t like it for some reason, but I have grown to LOVE it – especially mustard! Whether it’s paired with black, brown or navy, it’s turned into a basic neutral for me. I think it looks rich and gorgeous with navy, cream and cognac here.

Top: Kohl’s, Cardigan and belt: Target, Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet, Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

I was so happy to have a red cardigan after many years without, but this is the day I fell down the stairs at work...

Ah, this was such a triumphant outfit for me. I was feeling cute and confident with my pencil skirt, new $7 top (what what) from Target and the red cardigan I was so psyched about. Plus, my awesome heels and some red lipstick. I looked awesome all day, until the last 2 stairs from the bottom on my way home. Then BAM.

Top and cardigan: Target, Skirt and shoes: Ann Taylor

Yes, I know it's August, but sometimes a girl needs some nice fall tones in her life.

I need to replace this cardigan soon since it’s getting a little threadbare, but I think it’s the perfect cool hunter green. You can’t see in the photo, but these shoes are adorable kitten heels in a slight plaid with brown patent leather accents – I’ve had them since college and I love them.

Top and cardigan: Target, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Belt: Old Navy

Oh casual Fribsday, I may love you the most of all!

I mean, who doesn’t love casual Friday? These dark wash skinny jeans from a past StitchFix are my go-to now because they have a great high waist to hide my belly, plus a great amount of stretch for throughout-the-day comfort. The pop of orange brightens up an outfit which could be pretty boring otherwise, and it’s another StitchFix keeper from a while back.

Cardigan: Target, Jeans and necklace: StitchFix, Shoes: Payless Shoe Source

I rarely wear my custom silk skirts from China, but I don't know why. I got so many compliments this day!

I can’t remember the last time I wore this skirt – I’ll never get rid of it, but I’m always a little worried about messing up the silk. That’s silly though – look how awesome it is!

Top: LOFT Outlet, Cardigan and shoes: Target

Recognize anything from this month's StitchFix? I just love the Leavenworth top!

You knew it was coming – the work debut of my latest StitchFix find! It goes perfectly with my new red cardigan and my comfy navy pencil skirt from Macy’s.

Top: Leavenworth Sleeveless Top from StitchFix, Skirt: Macy’s, Cardigan: Target, Necklace: Banana Republic

My First Review and Fifteenth Box – StitchFix!

My First Review and Fifteenth Box – StitchFix!

I just LOVE StitchFix!

I’ve been getting boxes for more than a year now- I think I got my first box around when I started my “new job” (coming up on 2years!). I’ve included it in our household budget to get a new box every 2 months. It’s fun for me (shopping without leaving the house), and Bill really loves the little fashion show and choosing what we keep. It’s like having a slightly more adventurous friend deliver what they think you’ll love, with no real commitment.

If you haven’t heard of it, StitchFix is one of those ubiquitous subscription box services that are everywhere these days. After filling out a style profile, you pay a $20 fee and receive a box with five clothing and accessory items in the mail. You can subscribe to these as often as you’d like, or get boxes on demand. If you purchase an item, your $20 fee goes as a credit towards the item’s cost, but if you don’t choose to keep any items – you’re out $20. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on the final cost!

I have my style profile linked to my Outfitables pinterest board, so I can really tailor what I’m looking for. So far, I’ve had a ton of hits!

Now that I’m trying to be a better blogger, I figured it was time for a StitchFix box review (plus you can help me make decisions). So, without any further ado… my August 2015 StitchFix box!


(Bill took all of these pictures on an iPhone, and I forgot to wear shoes, so please excuse any weird photography ;))

Leavenworth Sleeveless Top – Love it! Kept it! It’s light-weight, but sort of Fall-ish so it’s perfect for Fall. Works for office and casual time. This is just the kind of top I love getting from StitchFix 🙂

Zio Colorblock Mixed Material Tee – Let me be honest, this is the most comfortable shirt of all time – like the best jersey knit ever. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna work for work, and I couldn’t imagine playing $40+ for what was really a comfy sleepshirt. So, back it went…

Phelan Abstract Chevron Print Short-Sleeve Blouse – I so badly wanted to like this top – it would be great for the office – but the weird sleeves, puffy shoulders, and lack of tailoring killed it for me. Plus, it was about $20 more than the other tops. Ah well, it was a very good try!

Earlson Split Neck Blouse – This was another, really close almost top, but Bill talked me out of it. The colors and pattern wound up just being too loud for me, even though I loved the cut and fabric.

Dafne Chevron Maxi Dress – True life: I’d never tried a maxi dress before! I always figured the length would make my shortness even shorter, plus it would cover up my skinny legs 😉 But I LOVED this dress… for the most part. The chevron was great, the fabric and cut were really comfortable, and it made me look 11 feet tall! But, it emphasized my chest a bit too much, and it was nearly $90 – too much for a jersey dress I don’t think I could pull off

Overall, I think this was a pretty good box, even though I only kept one top. What do you think? Did I send back anything I should’ve kept?

I often use StitchFix to bulk up my work wardrobe (since I get almost everything else I wear from Target, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and LOFT clearance) and this box was in the right wheelhouse for the most part. I also like that it makes me try fashion I never would’ve tried on my own – the maxi dress for instance! Now, I’ll keep my eye on the summer clearance sales to find a (much) cheaper option that’s the same sort of flattering.

Want to try it yourself? Feel free to use my referral link to try it out (plus I get a little credit, which is always nice 🙂 )

Sharp-Dressed Lady: July

Sharp-Dressed Lady: July

So, I fell off the Sharp Dressed Lady bandwagon a little in July, but here are a few of my favorite outfits!

What's this? A pencil skirt with a shirt OVER it?! This is #sharpdressedlady madness! #ootd I really like this outfit - comfy, cute and featuring green ;)
What’s this? A pencil skirt with a shirt OVER it?! This is Emily fashion madness! I really liked this outfit – comfy, cute and featuring green 😉
It's a bright and floral #ootd! This is one from the not-so-long-ago archives that seemed very appropriate for our hot Houston July weather.
It’s a bright and floral outfit that I pulled from the archives! This is one from not-so-long-ago that seemed very appropriate for our hot Houston July weather.
I have a #prsa luncheon today, so I needed to bust out a @stitchfix dress to look my best! #ootd #sharpdressedlady I love the fabric of this dress, but it's hard to see from a distance, so you get a close-up!
I had a Public Relations Society of American luncheon this day, so I needed to bust out a StitchFix dress to look my best! I love the fabric of this dress, but it’s hard to see from a distance, so you get a close-up!
Sharp-Dressed Lady: June in Review

Sharp-Dressed Lady: June in Review

I usually wear this dress with a belt, but I'm mixing it up today. Maybe it needs the belt for pink and polka dots #ootd? #sharpdressedlady #cutthetopofmyheadoffagain
I usually wear this StitchFix dress with a belt, but I mixed it up one day. Maybe it needs the belt though…
Chambray on casual Fribsday! #ootd #sharpdressedlady Of course, it may rain today and make these pants a bad idea ;)
Chambray on a casual Fribsday! This is a trendy outfit for me: chambray shirt, big white watch, and long dangly necklace.
This #ootd needs to get me through a day of herding cats at work, so I'm depending on my new @StitchFix top! #sharpdressedlady #stitchfix I'm not 100% confident this matches/coordinates, but oh wells ;)
This outfit got me through a day of herding cats at work, mostly because of my StitchFix top! I’m not 100% confident this matches/coordinates, but people seemed to like it.
This is my Meet the Newsroom outfit to network at a Houston Business Journal event this afternoon. Mildly fancy! #ootd #sharpdressedlady
This is my outfit to network at a Houston Business Journal event this afternoon. Mildly fancy with another StitchFix top and Ann Taylor open toe heels.
When I'm not feel outfit-inspired, I look back in my #sharpdressedlady archives. This #ootd is based on one from December!
When I’m not feel outfit-inspired, I look back in my archives. This outfit is based on one from December! My co-workers really liked it, and said it had a nautical feel for some reason.
Sharp Dressed Lady – May continues!

Sharp Dressed Lady – May continues!

The Return of the SDL

The Return of the SDL

Hello friends and children! (That’s right, students, Mr. White told me some of you may be reading this now.)

Lucky (or not) for all of you, his reminder put the fire under my tookus to actually do an update. I don’t have any recipes to share right now, but hopefully I will get to it soon! Until then, it’s the return of #sharpdressedlady – my attempt to keep myself accountable for dressing like a semi-fashionable adult for work. You’ll find some of my recent favorites below!

If you made it through the outfits, and found them acceptable, may I suggest StitchFix? It’s a monthly service that basically sends really cute clothes to your house, based on a crazy detailed style profile you create that even links to your fashion board on Pinterest (if you have one).

For $20, you get a box with 5 pieces of clothing that your stylist thinks will fit your style. Anything you keep, the $20 is applied to, and everything else gets returned in a pre-paid envelope – if you choose to keep nothing, they keep the $20 (but you didn’t have to go to the mall). When you check out online, you let the stylist know what you liked and disliked about each piece so they can customize your next picks even more! I have to tell you, it’s freaking awesome.

It took a few boxes for them to hone in on my style, but I kept everything in my last box. I’ve been impressed with the quality and suggestions they have, and it sure beats the mall when you’re busy 🙂 You set your price range so you’re not getting crazy prices. At the cheapest setting, it’s usually about $40 for a dress or blouse.

Anywho, check them out! (Full discloser, by using this link (or the link above), I get a little discount on my next box.)