Manckwhite Meal Plan – Week of Nov 12

Manckwhite Meal Plan – Week of Nov 12

Hello hello folks, it’s time for another Manckwhite Meal Plan Monday! But first, did you happen to see on Twitter or Facebook that our dog, Bueller, is internet famous? My cousin, Dylan, discovered him on Buzzfeed’s list of 30 Dogs That Were in the Wedding! He’s number 20, looking adorable in his bowtie during our wedding ceremony : ) If you’d like to see more of Bueller (and us) at the wedding, you should check out Elissa R Photography’s blog entry of our wedding photos.

And now, a weekend recap. This weekend was pretty hunkered-down for the Manckwhites as we focused on getting things wrapped up before we head up to Albany next week and packed up before we move in a few weeks. Right now our apartment is full of boxes and bins, some headed for NY for Thanksmas and many stuffed full of our possessions. It’s looking a little bleak without anything on the walls or above our cabinets, but I’m really looking forward to the bigger kitchen and having an office in the new apartment.

Not all of the weekend was spent at home though; we also celebrated our lacrosse buddy (and pretend adopted child) Wyatt’s 18th birthday at our favorite Greek restaurant Niko Niko’s last night. For this momentous occasion, I made special cupcakes that I’ve deemed WyattMint: Andes-mint-bottomed fudge cupcakes, frosted with chocolate-mint Manckwhite buttercream and topped with a whole Andes mint. They were some of the prettiest cupcakes I’ve ever made and Wyatt really enjoyed them as well. Happy Birthday, bud!

On to the week’s meal plan!
Monday 11/12: Bill’s special Mahi Mahi – delicious marinade + quality fish = yum yum!
Tuesday 11/13: Beef with Broccoli – a quick recipe for a food court classic
Wednesday 11/14: Roasted Bourbon-Glazed Chicken – fancying up another takeout special
Thursday 11/15: Feta Burgers – we’re finally going to make them!
Friday 11/16: Asparagus and Goat Cheese Pasta – a quickie before we hit the road

As per usual, I updated last week’s meal plan with links to the recipes I blogged about: check it out!

Have a wonderful week, folks! Stay warm if it’s getting chilly : )

Manckwhite Meal Plan – Week of Nov 5

Manckwhite Meal Plan – Week of Nov 5

Hello and happy Monday! Bill and I had been planning on venturing up to the Manck homestead for the weekend, but last week beat us up so badly that we decided to stay home instead. Our at-home weekend wound up being quite productive; we finally got rid of the King-size bed frame we weren’t using, then we packed up all 11 boxes of our books, tossed out 2 huge tubs of junk we didn’t need, and created a send-to-Goodwill and sell-to-Half-Price-Books pile of non-trash. We still have all of the kitchen to pack up, as well as the wall decor, but we definitely made a dent!

Are you all glad that it was Fall-Back for Daylight Savings Time weekend? I love it! Yesterday felt extra-productive because of the time change, and this morning it felt like we’d had an extra hour of sleep. Of course, now my 5:30-6:00 commute will be in the dark every afternoon, but I suppose I’ll adjust : )

On to the week’s meal plan!
Monday 11/5: Hummus Crusted Chicken with Roasted Veggies and homemade hummus
Tuesday 11/6: Penne with Ricotta Balls – a favorite from pre-blogging that I want to share!
Wednesday 11/7: Greek Feta Burgers – also from pre-blogging, simple and yummy
Thursday 11/8: Homemade Potstickers – Potstickers are easier than you realize…
Friday 11/9: Cider Glazed Chicken – cider = fall-y and delicious

In other meal plan news, I updated last week’s meal plan with links to the recipes I blogged about: check it out!
We wound not making the Cheesy Chicken Enchilasta for dinner Thursday night because we were both very tired, but we will make it sometime soon.

Here’s to the week getting off to a good start : )

Manckwhite Meal Plan – Week of Oct 29

Manckwhite Meal Plan – Week of Oct 29

Hello all! Today’s entry is a peek into what us Manckwhites will be nomming on in the upcoming week. I’ve been trying to get better about meal planning because it:

a) reduces the get-home-at-6-oh-god-what-do-I-make-for-dinner stress
b) makes grocery list-ing easier and cuts down on middle of the week runs to the store
c) helps with blog planning

So, this is both a look at what I’ll be eating and what recipes you can look forward to (if they’re delicious)!

Monday 10/29: Goat Cheese Calzones with H-E-B Pre-Made Pizza Dough and herbed goat cheese
Tuesday 10/30: Lasagna Soup – because it’s finally kind of chilly outside
Wednesday 10/31: Bacon-Wrapped Honey BBQ Chicken – let’s pretend it’s mummified for Halloween
Thursday 11/1: Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Pasta – the ManckWhites love a good Enchilasta
Friday 11/2: Simple Sausage and Pasta

For some insight and possible meal-planning of your own, here’s last week’s meal plan:
Monday 10/22: Bill’s Pan-Fried Gnocchi – recipe coming soon!
Tuesday 10/23: Mini BLT Couscous Cups
Wednesday 10/24: Chicken Stirfry – recipe also coming soon (I forgot to take pictures :/)
Thursday 10/25: Leftover Chicken Tortilla Soup from the freezer (so delicious) – recipe soon!
Friday 10/26: Dinner-on-the-Go because we went to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream at SJ : )

So that’s 3 recipes that will be coming soon (I hope) and I’ll also be working on some book recommendations, a dessert recipe for Bill’s kids, and Christmas gift ideas for this here blog : ) In the future, I’ll be adding some printable recipe pages as well.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!