That’s Mancktastic! Office Edition

That’s Mancktastic! Office Edition

A few months ago, I got a MAJOR office upgrade in the form of… a “big kid” desk!

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I got a new desk at work!!! A real desk! 😀

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For over a year, I’d been trying to manage a dual-monitor setup on a desk no deeper than 11″. Combine that with my binder obsession, and I was sitting on my floor to try and get work done… a lot. I was… not the most mature work stance, you could say.

One day, my patience was rewarded with my new-to-me wooden desk and credenza, donated to work by a bank! Oh, it was a glorious day. I reorganized my whole office – I even have a visitors chair so I can have meetings in my office. It’s awesome!

Along with the re-org, I’ve also been working to make my office graphic designer creative, while still keeping it profesh 🙂

First things first, I made a little Instagram collage of my boys to keep me company. I printed the squares through Social Print Studio – high quality, quick shipping, nice thick stock! Then, I added an encouraging care to remind me to be a “yes and” instead of a “no but” co-worker (from Ink and Dolly on Etsy).

Next things next, I had a whole bunch of purple wall that was looking awful nekkid. Enter the crafty girl’s default decoration: the corkboard! I found a nice cheapy, unframed board at Michael’s (thank you 40% coupon), hung it on a thick ribbon, and then trolled my office and apartment, plus Etsy to fill that sucker up.


  1. Homemade initial made from random wrapping paper
  2. Hand-lettered botanical calendar from How Joyful! on Etsy. (that link is for a perpetual calendar – she no longer carries my 2015 monthly version)
  3. Our Lady of Prompt Succor prayer card that I found in a re-used office binder (this is what happens when you work for a Catholic organization)
  4. Calligraphied prayer my mom gave to me years and years ago – from the Sarum Primer
  5. My 2015 word of the year – DELIBERATE – which I hand-wrote and pasted onto a Rifle Paper Co. pattern I tore out of a HOW Magazine.
  6. A George Bernard Shaw quote on a poster I pulled out of one of our printers’ spec books.
  7. What could be complete without a Tina Fey quote? This great print is from PrintHappyStudio on Etsy.

Aaand… that’s my bulletin board! What do you think?