That’s Mancktastic! – Yogurt Edition

That’s Mancktastic! – Yogurt Edition

Hello folks, it’s time for another edition of That’s Mancktastic! Today, I’m going to focus on… yogurt!

Yogurt is a staple of my diet; I have a small cup every day in my lunch and I enjoy it in smoothies and frozen as after-dinner treats. The happy little bacteria in yogurt help my belly stay balanced, the calcium content is good for my bones, and it’s tasty to boot. Lately, my favorite yogurts have been of the Greek variety since their extra protein helps fill and fuel me without weighing me down. So, here are three of my favorite yogurts as of late!

  • <First up, we have Greek Gods yogurt. I stumbled across this Greek yogurt at our HEB about a month ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The classicist loving part of me enjoys that each flavor is named after (surprise!) a Greek god, but even more than that I love the flavors!  The plain is a great base for granola or a smoothie while the honey and honey-strawberry are tasty without being too sweet. This yogurt has a great thick texture that I love to mix with frozen fruit for a morning parfait. This week I’m enjoying Hermes in my lunchbox!71097_116520948763_3572512_n
  • Next up is a newer entry to the yogurt world: Yoplait Frozen Greek Yogurt.While I’d had their conventional refrigerated low-fat and Greek yogurts, I’d never tried their frozen Greek yogurt until this weekend when it was on sale at HEB. I picked up the Honey Caramel flavor and I’m pleased to say that it’s a delicious choice! This frozen treat packs even more protein than the Greek Gods yogurt with less fat. I’m really looking forward to trying out the fruit flavors from this brand when it gets warmer outside. yoplait-frozen-yogurt
  • Finally, we have another tasty frozen delicacy: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars. At only 70 calories per bar, they still manage to deliver 6 g of protein apiece along with great fruit flavor. These are a little pricy for my tastes, but they’re a great treat. I really like that this company was founded by 2 childhood friends; they were just founded in 2011 and they seem to be expanding and thriving! For a while they were the only frozen Greek yogurt bars in the market, but now Yoplait and other bigger companies are getting in on the action, so I like supporting Yasso : ) FrozenTreats-Yasso-thumb-500x362-29877

I hope that you, too, find some of these yogurts Mancktastic! Enjoy your calcium and protein : )

2013 Goal Progress – Week 2

2013 Goal Progress – Week 2

It’s time for the Week 2 updated on my 2013 goals! The Good Habits app continues to be a great motivator, but it wasn’t a perfect week of course. Let’s delve in!


  1. Read Laudate (successful 7  of 7 days) – I still love checking Laudate every morning and telling Bill about the saint of the day as we get ready for work! This week I learned about the patron saint of Serbia, very neat.
  2. Read Bible plan (successful 7  of 7 days) – Still keeping up with my bible plans too! I find the non-devotional one more interesting, actually, because I’m chomping my way through Genesis and it’s nice to re-read the Sunday School stories from childhood with fresh eyes.
  3. Take Vitamins (successful 7 of 7 days) – Yay for my little pill case! I took my vitamins this weekend and every day, which might be part of why Bill hasn’t given me pneumonia yet ; )
  4. Exercise (successful 6  of 7 days) –  Sunday I was just too wiped out from Bill being sick and a really social Saturday to get any exercising done : / I’ve gotten back on track since, though, so hopefully I’ll stick with it. My new trick is to do 50 reps of 5 exercises, 25 at a time, rotating. For instance: 25 jumping jacks, 25 squats, 25 lunges, 25 crunches,  50 bicycles, 25 crunches, 25 lunges, 25 squats and 25 jumping jacks. It mixes it up a little and I get the internal satisfaction of maintaining a pattern.
  5. Gratitude Journal (successful 7  of 7 days) – This still seems like the least helpful habit, but maybe I’m just thankful in general? I think it’s going to be a long-term benefit one…
  6. Take a photo (successful 7  of 7 days) –
  7. Blog (successful 7  of 7 days) – Yep, I’ve still been talking to y’all! A few recipes, a few personal entries, not too bad : ) I pinned some of my recipes to Pinterest and they got some repins from folks I don’t know, so that’s neat!
  8. WoW Dailies (successful 7  of 7 days) – Ok, I maxed out Shieldwall and got 2 new mounts and an achievement; now we’re focusing on Golden Lotus and they’re really fun quests! (Complete nerdiness, I know)

So, overall only one day of incomplete goals: not too bad! We’ll check in again next week and see how it’s going : ) Good luck with all of your goals!